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Flawless skin with NARS foundation

Ask women their beauty wish list and having flawless skin is likely in the top five irrespective of age or skin type. It is the holy grail of beauty that we search for and in our bid to achieve this look we buy all manner of lotions and potions, rubbing everything from sheep's placenta to injecting who knows what into our skin.

Foundations and other base products are the cherry on the cake. They can pep up our skin, disguising a multitude of skin sins in their wake. However, get a foundation wrong and it will stand out a mile off.

Now, there are plenty of NARS products I love, but  when it comes to bases this is a brand I haven't really had much experience of. This month, however, I’ve been rectifying that using the NARS Cream Compact Foundation (£28). It launched last September and is the latest foundation product from the hip beauty brand which is led by François Nars.

NARS Radiant Cream Compact foundation

Image via NARS

It gives medium to full coverage although you wouldn't know it due to the product's lightweight consistency. It feels almost like velvet to touch and seems to just melt onto skin so it doesn't look mask-like or heavy. In fact, I’ve found it gives a dewy finish whilst being the perfect product for decent coverage. And the shade choice is jaw-dropping with some 20 shades to choose from. And on top of all that, this foundation is trying to be more environmentally friendly with the compact and the foundation being sold separately. That way rather than throw it away, the compact is simply refilled; a practice common in Asia.

Speaking about how the Radiant Cream Compact Foundation differs from existing NARS foundations, Francois says,

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Makeup brushes - new from MAC

MAC's new Masterclass Brush Collection is the kind that make you want to slap your forehead and say but of course! The reason? When you see the brushes - and use them, it's just so bleeding obvious this is how makeup brushes should be it makes you wonder why we didn't think of it before now.

Makeup brushes - new from MAC

Image via MAC

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Jo Malone candles - new collection

Fruity, woody, sweet and floral - not a 21st Century reworking of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but just some of the best ways to describe the latest candle collection from classy brand, Jo Malone.

It's called Just Like Sunday and is the work of the style editor - and all round super cool woman - Charlotte Stockdale. It is online and in stores this month and is sure to be a sell-out given the Jo Malone clout when it comes to candles and when paired with Charlotte's reputation for being on trend.

For floral fans there is the Lavendar & Lovage. Not your typical lavendar scented product, this is given an aniseed twist with rosemary and thyme added for a new take on this traditional floral fragrance.

Jo Malone candles - new collection

Image via Jo Malone

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January's Edinburgh Evening News Beauty Column

This month in my beauty column for the Edinburgh Evening News, I'm talking about beauty bag clear-outs and the worst offender for spreading bacteria when it comes to your makeup:

January's Edinburgh Evening News Beauty Column

THE beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to go through your beauty products because the temptation can be to hoard.

We all tend to have our favourite products; those we keep for years. But do your skin a favour and bin any opened old ones that have been hanging around your make-up bag since you can’t remember.

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Organic Scottish Skincare ishga

Think seaweed, think green and slimy. But don't judge this baby on its appearance because, did you know the seaweed, and in particular Scottish seaweed has been scientifically proven to be good for your skin? But before you head down to your closest beach to gathering up swathes of seaweed, there is a easier way to get the seaweed skin benefits thanks to the fab Scottish skincare brand- ishga.

Organic Scottish Skincare ishga

Image via ishga

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