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Makeup schools in Scotland - The Lauren Gollan Academy of Makeup Artistry


Makeup schools in Scotland - The Lauren Gollan Academy of Makeup ArtistryMakeup schools in Scotland - The Lauren Gollan Academy of Makeup Artistry
Dannielle applies foundation to Louise; Cori applies concealer to Sally's skin
Armed with her foundation brush, Danielle Frame sets to work on recreating the flawless skin look on mate Louise Nisbet. Whilst on the other side of the room, Cori Burnett is discussing foundation shades with her chum Sally Drummond. Well, I say chum, because you'd think these girls had all been friends for years, but actually they only met last week. They're amongst the eight-strong group who are the latest enrollees in a makeup course. And judging from the smiles, giggles and general excited chatter when it comes to the beauty banter, they're loving it. It's the Introduction to Makeup Artistry course run by Edinburgh-based beauty school, Lauren Gollan Academy of Makeup Artistry and it's the fourth time the beginner's course has run this year. Aside from this course, there's editorial and bridal courses on offer too. So when it comes to makeup students, it's looking like Lauren Gollan is building an army. 
The 29-year-old, who counts presenter Edith Bowman and chart-topper Pixie Lott amongst her clients, set up her makeup academy back in 2011. It was, says Lauren, the first one in Edinburgh to offer a makeup course on this level. And now, the school offers a variety of courses for different aptitudes and purposes. For those looking to work in the wedding industry, there's a bridal course. And the editorial one, which includes a photo shoot, offers a great starting point for those looking to build a career in high end fashion makeup.  And the introductory course is a great starting point for both those who want to change careers to people who simply love makeup. I most definitely fall into the latter category so when Lauren invited me to join her on this course I jumped at the chance.
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Your Skincare routine


Your Skincare routine
Think washing alone leaves your skin clean and clear? Then think again. Because washing alone doesn’t always do the job. So when it comes to getting your skin sparkling clean, it's worth checking out exfoliators. Coming in different textures, exfoliators or scrubs help to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities which build up regularly and easily on the face and body. It’s a product which is worth including in your weekly skincare routine because it will help your skin look bright and feel smoother.
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Fake tan outside of summer?

Ok, so the wind might howling and the rain lashing down but that doesn't mean to you have to have peely waly skin. Because, sometimes having glowing skin, is a little pick-me-up is it not? However, tanning outside of summer poses some problems. That's to say, it's got to be season appropriate because since we don't live in the South of France, using the same summer shade when the Scottish weather is turning autumnal, will make you stand out. And not in a good way. So how do you use tan outside of the summer months? Well, I reckon a better option is more glowing and natural, than a summer tan. So bring it down at least a shade and think healthy colour. And there's some great products out there.

Fake tan outside of summer?
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Beauty Blog round-up - what's got other bloggers attention?

Beauty Blog round-up - what's got other bloggers attention?

If it's hot and happening, it's in here. It's the global beauty blog round-up: Read more about Beauty Blog round-up - what's got other bloggers attention?

Elemis Skin Lab at Edinburgh's Womankind beauty salon

Your skin. What lies beneath. Fancy finding out? It could be sun damage. Yikes. Or dehydration? Eek. Even wrinkles. Waah. Or maybe, it's not as bad as you think. But you could be wondering, why bother finding out in the first place? Well, then how do you know that you're using the right products? If you know more about your skin in-depth, then you can use products to specifically target what your skin needs. After all, what's the point in putting on the wrong skincare products? That's just a waste of time and money. 

Elemis Skin Lab at Edinburgh's Womankind beauty salon
And if you fancy the chance to see beyond the skin's surface, and learning more about your skin, like what type it is, where it needs some TLC and where it's doing just fine, then the Elemis Skin Lab is just the ticket. It's what's I recently had it done at Edinburgh's Womankind salon in the Stockbridge area. The lovely Jen Finestone, seen here above, is an account development executive for Elemis and travels around the country doing just this.
Elemis Skin Lab at Edinburgh's Womankind beauty salon
The Skin Lab is what's called lifestyle consultation and Elemis has been doing it for six years and in the past year, the brand have introduced the spanking new Reveal Machine. It's sort of looks like something from an opticians. Putting your chin of the blue plastic rest, then closing your eyes, it takes two pictures, one is just a plain old picture and the second uses UV light to analyse skin and show things such as sun damage. Jen says,
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