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Permanent Cosmetics in Edinburgh

Permanent Cosmetics in Edinburgh

Image via Enhance Permanent Cosmetics

From areolas drawn and shaded post breast surgery to thinning hairlines from alopecia, the work of Fiona Ramsay can change peoples’ lives: because Fiona is an expert in permanent cosmetics, a treatment which is also called micro pigmentation and semi-permanent cosmetics. Edinburgh-based Fiona, who runs Enhance Permanent Cosmetics, says,

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Guinot Facial at Chamomile Sanctuary Edinburgh

Winter skin- for me this usually means grey and dismal like the weather. But this year, I’m older and wiser - ok, then, just older. So I’m going to start as I mean to go on; prepping skin for the colder months ahead in the hope my skin will look glowing and radiant year long.

Now, I’m a massive fan of facials. For me, they’re like a holiday specifically for your face. As you lie back and relax, all manner of products help restore and revitalise skin, leaving you looking like you – just a better version. So it was to my utter delight that I discovered that beauty brand Guinot is adding to its facial treatment range at Edinburgh’s plush Chamomile Sanctuary.

Amongst the existing treatments is the popular Guinot Hydradermie. It lasts one hour 15 minutes and the results will leave to wanting to ogle your skin on account of it looking so good. The cleansing, exfoliating and toning sections of this treatment purify and penetrate deep down thanks to the active ingredients in the products. Prior to this treatment, my skin had been spotty but post treatment, spots receded and eventually disappeared.

Guinot Facial at Chamomile Sanctuary Edinburgh

Tools used in the Guinot Hydradermie

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Beauty Business Q&A - Appointedd

Beauty business owners know how scary it can be, taking that step into the unknown and setting up on your own. Long hours and dedication are just two of the traits worth having and even then success isn't guaranteed. In Scotland, the Scottish EDGE Awards is supporting business growth. And at the first of Scottish EDGE Awards, Leah Hutcheon, creator of Appointedd, won £30,000 to fund her business, Appointedd.

Beauty Business Q&A - Appointedd

Leah Hutcheon

Appointedd is a two-pronged business, designed to help beauty industry professionals and consumers. Beauty businesses can use Appointedd Book. This is salon software which allows salons and freelancers to manage their bookings. The other side is Appointedd which is an online booking site so consumers can browser salons and then make bookings online. It's been three years in the planning but both are now up and running. So I caught up with the lovely Leah to find out more about Appointedd and what goes into running your own beauty business:

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Fight skin pigmentation with Lancome DreamTone

It’s all the fault of fibroblasts. That’s the result of the Lancôme’s extensive research as to what causes skin pigmentation like age spots. For years it’s been a long held beauty belief that these were caused by the skin’s pigment cells. But now, Lancôme’s work has proved otherwise.

Fight skin pigmentation with Lancome DreamTone

Image via Lancome

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Tom Ford Beauty Latest Collection

Tom Ford Beauty’s latest collection is all about contrast, more specifically contrast between light and dark. Because the change of season doesn’t just mean new fashions in clothing; it’s also time to welcome the new beauty trends and makeup collections. Petal pinks lips and dark eyes are just two of those that made appearances on the autumn winter catwalks. And Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 Color Collection features plenty of useful tools to help.

Tom Ford Beauty Latest Collection

Image via Tom Ford

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