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Beauty Trends - in Edinburgh it's brows

In Edinburgh we're releasing our inner Cara Delevingne thanks to our love of bonnie brows. That's the verdict of a beauty trend map done by British retailer John Lewis. In the recent report, it compared sales across its different stores and found that, amongst other regional variations, in Edinburgh sales of eyebrow products are over a fifth higher than the national average.

Well call me Cara, who knew. But I suppose that sounds right enough. Because my own experiences of beauty in the capital, the prevalent look amongst beauty lovers is well-kept and groomed. So it would make sense that this would extend to neat brows. Gillian Currie Beauty Section Manager at John Lewis Edinburgh says,

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Space NK - Nicky Kinnaird interview

Space NK - Nicky Kinnaird interview

Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird's passion for all things beauty is infectious; her thirst for product knowledge unquenchable. It's sustained her drive to build a beauty empire which is entering its third decade and spans two different continents. Her beauty retailers Space NK is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of products. And over the years she has introduced now recognisable brands such as Eve Lom and Laura Mercier into the British market.

This year is a big milestone for the beauty retailer: it's Space NK's 20th year in the business. And that Space NK has not only survived but thrived over this time is testament to Nicky's dedication to all things beauty. And when I met the busy businesswoman during her visit to Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols branch, she told me this anniversary is just one of many highlights along the way. Nicky says,

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Teeth straightening - my Invisalign journey to straight white teeth

This month marks National Smile Month. So got me thinking about straight, white teeth: it’s been something of a fixation of mine since I was small and got a clean teeth sticker at Primary School. I was so chuffed that I ran home and stuck it to the bathroom mirror. Not so happy, however, was my mum. Not because she didn’t applaud my dedication to oral hygiene. No, she just wasn’t quite so impressed with my interior design addition.

And it seems that I'm not alone. A recent survey by dental aligner brand Invisalign reports that 25 per cent of Scots are more concerned about baring their teeth than their bodies this summer. Nowadays, teeth say a lot about a person. For some, like model Georgia Jagger with her gap, it’s a trademark. But mostly, the toothy trend is the whiter and straighter the better. Over the years I’ve been pretty happy with my own set of nashers. But I have noticed that they’ve moved over the years, however, so getting married seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something about it.

Now, I wasn’t too keen on getting those traditional braces, those so-called train track, the bane of many of teenager’s existence. But then I heard about a new system called Invisalign, reportedly used by Kate Middleton before her own wedding. These are the clear aligners which are made specifically for your teeth. They’re removable and the aligners are changed every two weeks for the next set. So that week by week your teeth are gradually moved until they reach the desired position.

My Invisalign journey to straight white teeth

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Glasgow House of Fraser Laura Mercier event

When it comes to makeup, I’m a big fan of the natural look. I love dramatic makeup, bright colours and artistic looks. But for me, when it comes to my go-to makeup look less is most definitely more.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that implies easy. It’s not. Because when I say natural I don’t mean au naturel as in bare-faced. The natural look I’m talking about is one that only looks like you’re wearing no makeup. And creating that flawless skin takes a lot of work, not to mention a fair few products.

So I’m always keen to hear what the people behind makeup brand Laura Mercier have to say. The best-selling beauty brand has spent the past 17 years promoting the flawless face look and has carved out a niche on this very topic.

Glasgow House of Fraser Laura Mercier event

Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist Juan Carlos Belmonte

It’s called the Laura Mercier Flawless Face and it involves four steps: primer, foundation, concealer and powder. And once you’ve nailed this everything else just falls into place. Because as Juan Carlos Belmonte, one of Laura Mercier’s 20 Global Artists says, it’s all about great looking skin. He says,

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CND Vinylux nail polish at Chamomile Sanctuary

I love CND's Shellac. I love the glossy finish, the amazing range of colours and how great my nails feel and look when I'm wearing it. If you've tried it you'll know what I mean. The downside - if you can even call it that - is when it comes to changing the polish. It ought to be professionally removed which, if you're short of time and indeed cash, can be a pain. There's also the nail growth gap, which if you leave it too long doesn't look great. So what if there was a nail polish that had all the benefits of Shellac - that glossy, sleek finish, massive range of colours and durability....

CND Vinylux nail polish at Chamomile Sanctuary

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