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Dermaroller in Edinburgh Harvey Nichols

When Angelina Jolie, the world's most beautiful woman, is reported as a fan of a beauty treatment, then it's got to be worth a try. Which is why, dear readers, I recently found myself in the Beyond MediSpa clinic in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols as a needled roller was passed over my face in a treatment known as the Dermaroller treatment. 
Dermaroller in Edinburgh Harvey Nichols
Image via Beyond MediaSpa
The Dermaroller treatment has been on my beauty radar for a few years particularly given the Angelina endorsement. So during my HydraFacial treatment I asked the lovely team at the Beyond Medispa clinic about the dermaroller treatment and they explained the benefits which include treating:
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Spring Summer 14 beauty trends - Edinburgh Evening News beauty column

We're heading into the warmer months- woohoo- so this month in my Edinburgh Evening News beauty column, it's all about the Spring Summer 2014 beauty trends:

Spring Summer 14 beauty trends - Edinburgh Evening News beauty columnMuch like fashion, the change of season welcomes new trends and looks in the world of beauty. So as we head into Spring Summer 2014, if you are freshening up your wardrobe, why not take the opportunity to do the same for your makeup.

Gone is the gothic grunge of Autumn Winter 2013 and in its place comes a more feminine, paired down look. At the Spring Summer 2014 fashion shows, where, as well as the forthcoming fashion trends, the next season's beauty trends are premiered, beauty buzzwords included radiance and femininity rather than high glamour or drama of previous seasons.
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Masks - perfect skin pick-me-up

Whether it's too many late nights or poor diet, when your skin needs some R&R, what do you reach for? For me, when it comers to 'at home' solutions, I always plump for a mask as these tend to be the perfect tonic for my stressed out skin. Recently i've been trying the hydraluron moisture boosting mask from Indeed Labs with some impressive results.

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Evening News Beauty Column - Red Lipstick

This month in my Edinburgh Evening News I'm looking at that classic beauty look, red lipstick:

red lipstick

When it comes to this time of year, it can seem like love is all around us. And since red is the colour most often associated with love, it is the ideal opportunity to look at one of the most classic beauty looks: red lipstick. Dramatic and bold, sexy yet sophisticated, red lipstick has stood the test of time and it’s a look which, when done right, oozes confidence and glamour. It is also a quick way to add some glamour to your makeup without breaking the bank.
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Fine hair goes big thanks to Percy & Reed

A while back it was announced the hair brand Percy & Reed was going to be available in Edinburgh’s John Lewis store; an announcement that made me very happy indeed. You see, this particular hair brand does one of the best shampoo and conditioner combos for girls like me with fine hair. Read more about Fine hair goes big thanks to Percy & Reed


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