All You Need to Know About San Judas Necklace

by Amber

Saint judas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Roman Catholics observe the 28th of October day with great zeal and zest, along with praying their tribute to him. They go to the church to make promises to him and beg him to fulfill their prayers. After the clock struck 12, the party at midnight gets started. The first thing people do is sing a birthday song to San Judas, and after that, people spend the whole day praying, eating, and attending mass meetings in which San judas is talked about.

Since patron saint judas day is just around the corner, the san judas necklace is trending amongst Roman Catholics as well as the newly converts. If you don’t know anything about this necklace, read this article till the end. You will surely get your answers!

Why Do People Pay Tribute to Saint Judas?

San judas is respectfully called the patron saint of lost causes. He is also associated with other great symbols too. Although his official name was Judas, the apostle people called him san judas or Jude to remove the confusion. People believe that Jude is a symbol of hope and faith because he clung to it when everything seemed like it was falling apart. Catholics pay tribute to him because he stood like a strong person with his religion and the truth when there were great challenges and problems thrown his way.

Meaning of San judas necklace

The necklaces and medals of saint judas have been around for centuries. People have been wearing them since his martyrdom in the name of religion and faith. Because of his sacrifices, wisdom, and faith, people wear this necklace so that they can remind themselves of this great man and his efforts.

Features of San judas necklace

Since the figure of Saint Judas Tadeo is very special, famous, and so close to the hearts of the catholic Christian, many stores in respect to this have started selling San judas necklaces. Of course, everyone sells a slightly different necklace, but the basics remain the same, like the pendant design. Following are some of the features that are found in every pendant:

San Judas Pendant

Since Jude Tadeo was an old and wise man, this was confirmed by the old age lines on his face and a long white beard. On many pendants, Jude is depicted exactly like this; old with a long beard. Additionally, the old man is carrying an ax, which, too, has a story behind it. San judas embraced martyrdom in following true faith, and he met his demise in this way, so the ax on the pendent reminds people of his sacrifices and steadfastness. Last but not least, almost all the pendants feature some text. Mostly in the circle on the upper half, it’s written “saint Judas Tadeo,” and the lower half says “pray for us.”

Final verdict

Depending on where you buy this necklace, you will also get a hypoallergenic stainless-steel chain. This is suitable for those people who cannot wear steel pendants because of skin rash. This san judas pendant can make an excellent gift for men and women alike on special occasions and patron saint judas day. So, what are you waiting for? Order this necklace for your loved ones today!

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