Are Teeth Whitening Pens any Good?

by Amber

Wholesale Teeth Whitening Pens are gradually growing in popularity. As you’re aiming to achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile, you can opt to get one for yourself. Teeth whitening pens can be gotten over the counter, and get come in a ballpoint, lipstick/pen form.

Otherwise known as brush-on whiteners, teeth whitening pens contain a host of bleaching gels such as hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and other kinds of compounds. Why peroxides? They can break down when you apply them to your teeth, and paves way for oxygen to penetrate your enamel and lighten/whiten them.

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Are Teeth Whitening Pens Effective?

Yes. Teeth whitening pens are quite effective. You start experiencing a clear change in the appearance of your teeth when you start using the pen. Nonetheless, you can’t expect these results to last forever.

If you want the teeth whitening pen to work, you need to apply a layer of the gel used for bleaching to your teeth. After application, the bleaching gel becomes more solid and forms a film on each of the teeth it’s applied to. The lightning effect produced by the film helps to make your teeth whiter.

However, there’s a tendency that the film will wash away in your mouth after it’s dissolved.

How is the Teeth Whitening Pen Used?

Application of the teeth whitening pen May differs, depending on the type of pen used. While there may be a general procedure for applying teeth whitening pens, you should read the instructions outlined in the body of any pen you purchase.

Generally, the application of the teeth whitening pen is simple. Below, is an instruction to follow:

  • Detach the cap and put the back end part of the pen in a twist
  • After you see the whitening gel coming out from the tip of the pen, go-ahead to put a thin layer of it on your tooth.
  • Ensure that it’s properly applied between your teeth
  • Allow the gel to dry. This can last for about 10 minutes.

Note, all surfaces of your teeth should be painted when applying the teeth whitening pen. However, the parts of your teeth with the most stains should receive bigger attention. The application should stop on the gum lines. This will enable the reduction of irritation and side effects on your gum.

Should the Teeth Whitening Pen be Used Often

The number of times you use the teeth whitening pen is highly dependent on the brand you’re using. Nonetheless, a lot of brands will recommend that you use the pens up to 1 to 2 times every day. If you want to get the best results, ensure to look out for specific instructions on the body of each one you buy. Ideally, you can also find the suggested number of times a pen is meant to be used.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening pens are more unique than other over-the-counter products because of how simple it is to use them. They are also portable and can be carried about with ease.

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