How to make your hair closure look flat

by Amber

Closure and frontal wigs are fast becoming the new hairstyle. Even braids are now made into wigs with frontal. A lot of women are turning to wigs because they are a protective hairstyle also, the fact that you can easily take it off after the day’s work. It’s refreshing to have your free and aired. With technology, wigs are made to look so natural that you might not know the difference between a wig and natural hair.

However, if your wig is not properly styled or worn you might have bulgy lace closure, and trust me; no one wants to wear a wig with a bulgy lace closure. It takes out the beauty and the natural look a lace closure wig gives to you. If you have a bulgy or lumpy lace closure wig, you need not worry. This article will provide some tips that will help you flatten your closure wig to have a natural look.

Tips to flatten your wig closure to make it look natural

 There are several reasons why your lace closure wig could be lumpy or bulgy. However, if you find yourself with one, here are a few ways to flatten your lace closure wig to have a natural look.

1. Layout the foundation (cornrows) neatly

One of the key factors to obtaining a flat weave installation is the foundation. If your hair is not cut low, then you should wear braid it into cornrows. Cornrows give you a flat base and protect your natural hair. Nonetheless, if your hair is not long enough to get into a cornrow you should flatten it with gel.

2. Make sure you are wearing your wig size

Wearing an oversized wig is like wearing oversized clothing, it just won’t fit. Always ensure your lace wig closure is your size before buying it. To know your wig size, you should measure

3. Stitch your weaves neatly

Whether you are wigging your hair unit yourself or it’s done by someone, ensure it is neatly stitched. Also, make sure the tracks are not lying flat when sewing the weaves on the cap.

4. Hot combs and flat irons

Hot combs have been around for a long time. The thought of it brings chills down the spine of some ladies. Thanks to technology, there are electric hot combs, and they have made life easier. Run the hot comb from the top of your lace wig closure down to the tip of your weave.

Flat irons are a great tool to flatten your hair. They have also been around for a long time. To get a nice natural look, flat iron your hair from the top to the bottom.

5. Adhesive gel

Adhesive gels are a proven method of flattening your lace closure wig. Apply the gel. This should be rubbed just across the forehead. However, make sure that is done before the edges. Once this has been done, give it some time. Place your hair unit on it and wrap it with a scarf for some minutes. For a firmer hold, you can apply hair mousse and style to your taste.


Now, you don’t have to walk around with a lumpy or bulgy hair unit. With these tips, you can flatten your hair.

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