How to Use a Power Wash Correctly

by Amber

A power washer works precisely like pressure water, but apart from using just pressure, the power washer adds a bit of heat to the mix. To use a pressure washer, all you may have to worry about is getting wet. But with a power washer, you have to worry about more than just getting wet. This time, you have to worry about not hurting yourself with hot water.

Because of the heat, a power washer may wash off more stubborn stains on a surface, a home, or a car. However, you need to be more careful while you are using the power washer. It isn’t like the pressure washer, where all you need is to set up and use it. However, using the power washer to wash any surface is straightforward. You only need to follow these steps;

Wear proper safety kit

Your power washer is not only a threat to your property and grass around your home; it is also a threat to you. The heat combined with pressure from the water in a power washer can be very dangerous when it touches your body. As much as possible, you should ensure that you are covering almost all parts of your body, if not all. On your legs, you should have safety boots on, and on the eyes, the safety goggles will do. Whatever you decide to wear, ensure that it is firm. Because you are dealing with water, it makes no sense to wear a shoe that can cause you to slip. Your boots, gloves, and goggles should be convenient for you and the job.

Connect your hose to the water source

A power washer works with water. The water in the power washer doesn’t fall from anywhere. In most pressure washers, there is no particular reservoir for water. You have to find a way to connect water from a source. In most cases, the best thing to use is a hose connected to a tap. We strongly recommend that you connect the hose to the pressure washer before you turn on the pressure washer. After connecting the hose, try to confirm if there are no leakages in your connection. This is very important if you are using an electric power washer so you can be highly safe.

Turn on your power washer

Once you are sure water is coming into the power washer quickly, you can now take your time out to turn on the power washer. Ensure the nozzle of the power washer is not on because once you turn it on, the pumping and heating begin.

Leave a reasonable distance

You want to clean a surface and not hurt yourself; therefore, you need to keep a reasonable distance between the surface and your power washer. That way, the hot water wouldn’t contact you, and you would not affect the surface badly.

Position your nozzle at a good angle

As much as you can, ensure your nozzle is at an angle of 45 degrees to any surface. Also, ensure you take time to spray optimally at the desired locations. If you wash a spot too heavily, you may end up spoiling the spots.


A power washer is great at cleaning surfaces nicely, but you need to be careful while using the machine. This guide describes how to use a power washer.

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