Scented Vs. Unscented Blotting Sheets: Which One Do You Buy?

by Amber

Natural blotting sheets are made from sustainable and natural materials like bamboo, cotton, flaxseed, and pulp or natural fibers. They are a better alternative to plastic or vinyl blotting papers because they are good for the ecosystem. They are also cruelty-free and biodegradable. Click here to learn more about the natural blotting paper. Other than natural and synthetic blotting sheets, there are other classifications. One of them is scented and unscented blotting sheets, covered in this post.

Scented blotting sheets

Scented blotting paper is made with added fragrance. The fragrance is incorporated into the blotting paper material during the manufacturer. Most scented blotting paper usually is made with essential oils like lavender.

Benefits of scented blotting paper

  • Scented blotting paper is made from essential oils that can benefit your skin. For instance, lavender and chamomile have a soothing effect on your skin. Therefore, using blotting paper made with essential oil can have various effects on your skin, depending on the type of essential oils.
  • Scented blotting paper also has a luxurious feel to it. The added fragrance can help give an extra luxury to the product.

Downsides of scented blotting paper

  • Scented blotting paper can affect sensitive skin. It can cause skin irritation because of the fragrance. For instance, it can cause the skin to itch and form sores
  • Scented blotting paper made with alcohol-related fragrances can do more harm than good to the skin. For instance, the ingredients used to make the fragrance can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it damaged and dry. This goes against the basic functioning of blotting paper. Conventional blotting paper only removes excess oil and shine from the skin and does not affect the skin or sebaceous glands in any way.

Unscented blotting sheets

Unscented blotting paper does not contain any fragrances.

Benefits of unscented blotting paper

  • Unscented blotting paper is safe for people with sensitive skin. It does not contain any added fragrances that could harm the skin.
  • It is ideal for all skin types. Unscented blotting paper can work for people with various skin types because of the lack of adverse effects. This is why most people go for unscented alternatives compared to the latter.

Downsides of unscented blotting paper

  • It does not offer the extra benefits of essential oils as scented blotting paper. As mentioned before, scented blotting paper is made with essential oils with added benefits to the skin.
  • It lacks the extra luxurious touch of scented blotting paper

Which is the better option?

Both blotting sheets are great. They have their benefits and downsides, as explained above. However, most people go for unscented blotting paper because they are more gentle on the skin. When choosing the best option between scented and unscented blotting paper, it would be wise to consider the following factors;

  • The ingredients and how they may irritate or affect your skin
  • Your skin type
  • The source of the fragrance


Blotting paper is designed for absorbing oil and moisture from the skin. However, you can also use it as a hair degreaser, a setter for makeup, and a phone degreaser or cleaner. Blotting papers are also commonly used in writing and chemical analysis.

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