A Guide for Making an Ombre Look for Your Wig

by Amber

Ombre wigs or hair involve a coloring technique that has existed for quite some time. Ombre, meaning shadow, entails moving from one color shade to another gradually to create contrast. Ombre hair is a popular color trend since it’s fun and easy to maintain. You are not limited to any colour choice when creating this look. Most people visit a salon to get the ombre look, but you can do it from the comfort of your home. We discuss the ombre wig making process below.

How to make an Ombre Wig at Home

DIYs are fun, especially if you like creating items. However, creating ombre hair can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if your base color is dark. This coloring process can give you two types of ombre; classic and dip-dye ombre. The classic look has a subtle transition from darker roots, for example, black or dark brown, to lighter ends. On the other hand, the dip-dye look forms a radical shift from the root color to the tip: black hair with red ends.

There are two ways of creating ombre hair; using bleach and hair dye. We discuss each method below.

1. How to create ombre hair using bleach

Bleaching is a process that totally transforms the hair into something different permanently. Ombre bleach often comes with a kit that has everything you need in the process. Bleach depending on the style you want. It can be layered or symmetrical, and necessary parting is required to achieve the look.

Mix the bleach and the other ingredients from the kit in a bowl thoroughly. Be sure to put on gloves to curb the effects of bleach on your skin. Then, create a gradient look by combing the hair in a backward motion at the pount where you want the ombre to start.

Begin by applying the mixture from the tips upwards until you reach your desired point. After a couple of repeat rounds, cover sections of the bleached hair with foil and leave them to sit according to the time indicated in the kit. When done, remove the foil and use warm water to rinse the hair until no more color comes out. Wash using a shampoo and apply a conditioner to add moisture. Air dry the hair, then style accordingly.

This process gives you the classic ombre. You can choose to add color by dying after a few days to get the dip-dye ombre.

2. How to create ombre hair without bleach

Apply a temporary hair dye in place of bleach if you don’t want a permanent look. You can take off the dye through washing and have the hair’s original look back. Using your favourite dye shade, apply it to the hair from the transition point to the tips. Pay more attention to the ends to make them lighter and form a gradient. Let the hair sit for a while to absorb the die, and when dry, style as desired.


Ombre hair is gorgeous when done correctly. It creates a bold look and is ideal for people who appreciate color. Its low maintenance but still needs proper care due to the bleach and dye used. Use good colored hair products for a healthy and shiny appearance. The use of temporary dye is suitable for occasions as you can wash it off quickly and get back your everyday look.

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