What are the Classifications of Name Necklaces?

by Amber

Name necklaces have been there since the 80s to signify uniqueness and a sense of identity. Despite being in existence for years, modern-day name necklaces are more creative and stylish than those in the past. Customization is easy thanks to the cutting machines that are drill and laser, making the process efficient and effective. The necklace can bear your name, your child’s, or a loved one’s. Get your personalized name necklaces from namens kette at affordable prices. We expound on the classifications of name necklaces down below.

Classifications of Name Necklaces

Name necklaces have several classes that you should know about before you decide to order any necklaces. The common classifications are;

1. Metal or Material Category

The category focuses on the type of material used to make the necklace, like gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. Gold is one of the best metals to use because it doesn’t tarnish. However, real gold is exceptionally soft and has to be mixed with other metals to make it durable. The gold karats in a piece of jewellery show the amount of gold in it.

Higher karats mean more gold, while fewer karats indicate less gold. Gold-plated jewellery means that other metals have been used then gold is used as a cover. The mixing of the metals causes a color change.

Silver in itself is soft, so designers go for sterling silver, a mixture of silver and copper. The use of other materials on name necklaces is gaining popularity and becoming stylish. Diamonds can be placed on the etched name as well as pearls and shells.

2. Style of the Necklace

Name necklaces come in varying styles like the two name necklaces and 3D name necklaces bar name, photo, and name locket necklaces. Two name necklaces would make good gifts and often have a symbol of an infinity sign or heart.

3D name necklaces have more personalization options than other styles. Different accents can be used as well as metals and other additional elements. Bar name necklaces are trendy and have a bar that rectangular consisting of various materials. The good thing about name necklaces is that they can be customized using other languages apart from English.

3. Creation Technique

The engraving technique is the primary method used to carve any name on the nameplate. The process involves several steps and needs special tools like drill cutting and laser machines to finish the work. Crafting and shining of the metal is then done before selling it.

4. The Occasion

Name necklaces can be worn on different occasions. To a certain extent, the necklace you choose is determined by when you want to wear it and on which occasion. For an everyday look or office look, a simple necklace is ideal. They are subtle and work well with most outfits. Big and exaggerated name necklaces are perfect for casual wear but don’t overdo them.


Name necklaces add style and uniqueness to your look. They can be personalized to your liking based on the material, style, technique, and occasion you plan to wear them to. The name can be carved in non-English characters, allowing other languages to have their names on the metal, benefiting everyone.

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