Facts to Note about an LED Ring Light

by Amber

Ring lights have grown in popularity among photographers, YouTubers, food bloggers, personal use like taking Instagram pictures and other videos that require a good amount of light. Often, they replace natural lighting and make photos look much better than when regular and less consistent light is used. Check out https://www.addbeautiful.com/product/addbeautiful-live-ring-light/ for the best, efficient and attractive ring light collection. In this post, we discuss the basics of an LED ring light.

Basics of an LED Ring Light

We define what an LED ring light is, why you should use it, a guide on how to use it, and the components of a ring light kit.

What is an LED Ring Light?

It’s a type of ring light consisting of warm white bulbs that produce light similar to daylight in a poorly lit room. They come in various sizes, price ranges and have different features, such as dimmable lights. Besides creating the perfect lighting, LED ring lights are compatible with any type of camera and phone. Many of them have a phone clip within the center of the ring, which illuminates even light that is shadow-free on a particular object.

Why Should You Use an LED Ring Light?

The bright light they produce puts a lot of emphasis on details. It hides all spots and wrinkles on a subject’s face, making them look perfect and with no shadows in sight. LED ring lights make photos appear like they have been shot by a professional photographer using a high-end camera.

A halo is usually produced around the client, which provides a cinematic look to the shot. LEDs come in different colors, or the bulbs can be switched and replaced with other colored bulbs. This allows them to create various effects that you can play around with to achieve the perfect look. They are also affordable and long-lasting hence choosing them would be a good idea.

How to Use an LED Ring Light

The good thing about it is it’s straightforward to use. Most of them come with clips, while others have an adjustable tripod stand that allows you to find various angles that work for you. Most of these lights are not battery-powered; therefore, they need to be connected to a power source.


  • Clip your phone onto the ring light
  • Ensure it’s firm
  • Place the ring light at your desired height and level
  • And the ring light is ready for use.

What Does an LED Ring Light Kit Contain?

When you buy a ring light, several accessories are given to you, but some can be purchased separately. They include;

  • A ring light which is the primary reason for buying the kit and where all the components will be connected.
  • A tripod that is collapsible or foldable when not in use or when you wish to adjust its height.
  • Power adapter, which is vital in powering the LED ring light. It is designed to fit into any power outlet; hence you can move with it across borders.
  • A wireless remote that allows you to control your phone without touching its screen.


LED ring lights are an excellent investment since they provide several lighting effects for your photos. The LED lights have dimming abilities, and the ring is perfect for traveling. The multiple benefits and uses make them suitable for anyone looking to create incredible videos or photos.

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