Different Locket Frames for Different Occasions

by Amber

While getting a Locket or a kette mit foto for yourself or a loved one, there are different varieties you can choose from. Lockets come in different styles and different materials but for this article, we are going to look at the different shapes and frame styles.

These two factors are the most important factors to put into consideration when buying a locket for yourself or your loved one.

Locket Shapes

Most lockets come in different shapes including

  • Circles
  • Ovals
  • Teardrops
  • Hearts
  • Boxes
  • Squares

Amongst all these, ovals and hearts are the most popular. They have been in use for centuries and they still trend today. However, with new designs coming up every day, the popularity of square and circular lockets increased too.

Different Lockets with Different Frame Style

There are lots of beautiful frame styles available in the market. But remember that the style of frame you should go for is hugely influenced by what you want the locket to carry.

1. One Frame

Lockets with one frame are usually designed with an open-detail front. This locket style is ideal for holding pictures of someone dear to the heart. Some of them allow you to see some parts of the picture inside while the locket is closed.

2. One Frame on Either Side

This type of locket has double frames, one on both sides. The advantage of this type of locket over the One Frame style is that you can put two different pictures.

It could be a picture of your parents, your siblings, or even pictures of your kids. It can also be used as forever jewelry with a picture of you and your spouse on both sides.

3. Expanding Locket

This is used to accommodate more than two different pictures. It can be folded and twisted into various forms, depending on the type you purchased. You can go for an expanding locket if you have many kids or many friends and you will love to have the picture of all of them in it.

4. Clear Lockets

These are transparent lockets that allow you to see through. They are also known as floating lockets because of their transparent nature. Wearers normally hold little pieces of charms or trinkets in them.

This type of locket is commonly used in modern times and it can be easily personalized. The only disadvantage here is that it creates no room for privacy because other people can see what the locket is holding.

5. Prayer Box

It is three-dimensionally shaped and used to hold secret wishes or prayers. You can write prayers or wishes on a piece of paper and lock it away in a prayer box. In modern times, wearers have found a new use for it. It is now used to store away other keepsakes. It has a vintage design.

6. Aromatherapy Locket

This contains a diffuser, something the wearer can add nice scented oils to. Diffuser lockets are the more contemporary style. In the past, wearers used perfumes or nice smelling herbs.


Lockets come in different sizes and styles. What this means is that you can always find a piece suitable for any occasion. It just demands careful considerations while making choices.

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