Why Isn’t Your Gel Manicure Shiny?

by Amber

Now that you have that gorgeous dress to wear to an event and need to look the part, your nails should also cut it. But you are also sure that after following the correct application procedures, they are still not just cutting it. So it is that time of the day to think of how to make them look shiny and attractive in the gel coating.

If the nails have a dull look after the manicure, you need to ensure that you have followed the application tips provided by the manufacturer to the last bit. Ensure that no grit is left on your nails before you go for a manicure.

Causes of Dull Gels

Dull gels are often caused by different problems such as curing grit and residue found on the nail. If you fail to cure the gel in good time, then it may appear not very interesting. It is essential to follow the instructions of your manufacturer while at it.

On that note, you need to know that some UV lamps have the same wattage. Others need higher wattage for the shiny gel to correctly appended to the nails. This can lead to issues; therefore, the bulbs in the UV should be of the same wattage.


On that note, some gels need a higher wattage compared to others. This is a common issue or challenge. That is why the bulbs in the UV lamp need to be changed often depending on the number of hours it has been working. A perfect rule of thumb is two times a year. You can change the bulbs when changing the clocks for daylight-saving time.

Your gel polish may not be shinny because:

  • The coating is not correctly cured
  • The oil residue sticks on the nail
  • Nails may have been placed on the wrong docket of the UV lamp
  • There could be an inadequate light source
  • The technician may have used the wrong cleanser for your nails

How to quickly fix it

If the gel applied on your nails looks dull, but every other aspect is okay, then you can easily give them a shine by applying an extra layer of coating at the top to help cure them. The nails should then get inserted into the UV LED lamp. That should be a minute’s procedure.

To further solve the problems, the curing time needs to get prolonged. A gel topcoat should be applied, and the nails put in the UV lamp to help cure them. The final gel needs to be adequately cured. That way, it can show off the shiny characteristics it possesses.

Additionally, if the gel is too thick, then you need to make it thin so that the UV lamp helps to cure it. The uncured gel coat will be wiped away using a cleanser.

Final Thoughts

There you go. You now have a lot of tips to help you gauge the possibility of fixing dry gelled nails. You may need a shiny coat on top of the gel when going out for a party.

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