Top Braid Styles for Your Natural Hair

by Amber

Most times, wigs with braids are just perfect. It’s just so comfy and luxurious. However, you might want something first before getting your wigs. If you’re a natural hair enthusiast, you will sometimes go on 8 weeks break with a protective style such as box braids. With them, you’re able to perfectly show off your curls and the personal style you want people to see.

There are many ways you can shield your hair with box braids. To find them out, keep reading this article!

Braid Styles You Should Consider For Your Natural Hair

1. Bob

Bob is one of the cutest box braids hairstyles that you should consider copping. That’s because, with them, you can easily look beautiful without having to go through the stress that comes with having longer braids on. They are perfect and can go well with any kind of occasion you’re out for. You can spice it up by adding a bit of decoration to complete whatever look you’re wearing for the day!

2. Flat Twists

If you know what cornrows are, then you can bet they have a similar look with flat twists. Whether you’re on natural or transitioning, flat twists work perfectly. After you’re done installing the twists, you can easily come up with a ton of styling alternatives for it. If you have longer natural hair, you can also put your twists in pigtails, ponytails, or even a low bun. Butterfly clips, scrunchies, or other kinds of hair accessories can work to provide extra security for your flat twists. It’s recommended that you leave some of your curls hanging freely to provide room for a high updo along the line.

3. Double Bun Braids

This specifically for you, if you love the whole idea of mixing bun with braids, but want to make it appear a bit trendy. During winter, this can be one of your best options and they can also fit into your ideal style while ensuring that you look perfect and adorable.

The double bun braids let you protect your natural hair while you stand out in every crowd or gathering you may find yourself in. Adding in different colors to help you spice up your look. You can also make it thicker to achieve the exact appearance you wish.

4. Medium Box Braids

Medium braids do not appear too simple neither do they look complex. They are quite easy to maintain and help you stay at the top of trends. The beautiful thing about installing these medium braids is that you can easily switch up your styles especially if they are longer. From updos to ponytails to pop of color, you are assured of standing out beautifully! You can either make your medium braids long or short, thick or lightweight; it all depends on your style.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right braids will keep your hair in good condition. Then, when you are ready to get your wigs with braids, your entire appearance will be taken to a whole new level. That is the dream of most women.

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