How to select the right Wig for your face shape

by Amber

This is a mistake a lot of women make. It’s not enough to place any wig on your head. You need to ensure that the wig suits your face shape. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a wig for medical or beautification reasons. It has to suit your face shape.

Now, before choosing a wig that compliments your face, you have to sort out the right ones from a plethora of options. You might see a wig, for instance, the 613 hair, fit someone so well. How sure are you that it will flatter your face? Will the color suit you? These are some questions you should answer.

Without further ado, here are simple ways to choose the right wig that compliments your face.

How to select the right wig for your face shape

1. Square faces

How do you know that you have a square face?

Your wide angular jaw has the same width as your forehead. Because of this shape, avoid straight hairstyles. Also, avoid any hairstyle that stops at the jawline and emphasizes the angle of your face.

Your wig should add some height above, to add more length to your symmetrical shape. This helps to increase the illusion of length. You can also opt for wavy styles because they break up all your face’s strong angles.

Should you consider a fringe? Absolutely. However, the hair length should be long enough to compliment your face shape.

2. Heart faces

How do you know that you have a heart face?

The characteristics include a wide forehead, narrow chin, and high cheekbones that resemble an upside-down triangle. Heart-shaped faces often have what is known as the “widow’s peak” hairline.

The best flattering wigs for this type of face shape are hairstyles with long wispy-like fringes. You can also go with styles that have long layers and those that keep the hair close to the head when it’s close to the eyes.

If you have a face-framed wig with bob or layers, they suit heart-shaped faces perfectly because they establish some form of symmetry and alignment.

3. Oval faces

How do you know that you have an oval face?

If your jawline is narrower and your hairline is a bit rounded, then you have an oval face. You can also tell that you have an oval face if the length of your face is 1.5 times the width.

This is identified as the ideal face shape because it’s symmetrical with other parts of your body. No dominant characteristics are noticed. People with oval face shapes can wear almost any wig. However, the most flattering wigs are those that accentuate their face shape.

Consider long bobs or mid-length styles with layers.

4. Round faces

How do you know that you have a round face?

Well, this is quite obvious. You have a circular face form and a wide hairline. Women with round faces are usually short and broad, and their cheekbones are full. The widest parts of a round face is the location of the ears and cheeks. So, focus on those areas.

Longer hair lengths are perfect for this face shape.

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