Christmas Box Design Packaging Idea To Try

by Amber
Christmas Box

We all look forward to Christmas every year and one thing in common with this holiday, gifts. How do you go about your Christmas box design? The truth is Christmas box packaging can be quite challenging if you don’t have enough ideas. To help you pack gifts this Christmas, we have brought you a list of box packaging ideas (know more).

Why you should implement special Christmas box design

The packaging is a very important aspect of building a brand. One of the best times of the year to show the packaging prowess of your brand is Christmas. The question is why should you make use of special Christmas packaging?

There are a lot of benefits to using a unique Christmas box design. They include: 

  • It is a great way to refresh the image of your brand.
  • You get the opportunity of creating multiple variants for your products.
  • Allows giving your clients surprise packages. 
  • Makes emphasis on your different holiday packages. 

Do you see why you need to use special Christmas box packaging? 

Christmas Box

Design ideas for your Christmas box

Having discussed the importance of using special designs for your Christmas boxes, let’s see a few box packaging ideas.

Use the famous Christmas colors for your box design

Without thinking, you can state the famous Christmas colors, red and green. Even though we try to wonder why they are chosen, just about everything related to Christmas carries these colors. From the Christmas trees to the ornaments and even the lights, red and green is the color code of Christmas.

It may not seem so special when you think about it but you can make a huge statement with these colors. This is where creativity comes in, it doesn’t have to be a huge difference, just a little tweak will do. 

Use Gold and Black to make all the difference 

Christmas is now a race of who can come up with the best packaging among businesses. It has gone beyond the kitschy holiday designs. So if you can come up with something unique, you can steal the hearts of clients and prospects.

Why not make use of gold and black for your Christmas box packaging and watch your boxes stand out? Gold is a color that typifies luxury while black speaks of simplicity, elegance, and class. 

With both colors, you don’t need to be too elaborate with your designs. In fact, a minimalist approach will make the designs classy. 

Christmas Box

Let Rustic designs inspire you

We cannot overemphasize how much of a winner rustic designs are with respect to Christmas box design. While they seem so simple, they have a way of bringing organic warmth to the table. 

The natural brown color which seems so earthy and is able to mix seamlessly with almost every other color. Just like the other colors above, you don’t need an excessive or elaborate design. Simplicity is key to running this sort of design.

Make sure you add your logo and maybe your business name to the design. Round up your design using some kraft tape to show off the spirit of the holiday. It is quite easy to achieve a cool design when you are rustic-inspired.

Use a Scandinavian Sweater 

When you are in search of box packaging ideas, you have to be open to all manner of ideas. Even though many people consider Scandinavian sweaters as ugly, they can be really cool when used for packaging.

They usually come in phenomenal folk patterns. Most of these patterns are made of pine trees, snowflakes, reindeers, ornaments, and even Santa. When you consider this, then you will see that truly, there are a plethora of possibilities. 

Christmas Box

Choose minimalism for your Christmas box design

We have emphasized this so many times in this post. Do you want to create a connection with modern customers? Then you need to consider minimalism. Rather than using a splash of colors for their Christmas box designs, most companies prefer using tranquil designs.

Try considering simple prints, toned colors, and elegant fonts in designing your Christmas box packaging. If you still want to go further in minimalism, then use a white cardboard or cardboard with another natural color. 


When considering box packaging ideas, brand recognition is very important. One way to show off your brand symbols is by using the embossing method. Most upscale brands make use of the embossing technique.

With embossing, you can create a 3D effect on the paper used in making your boxes. This creates a sense of uniqueness in your boxes which is very attractive. To make it classier, add hot stamping to your embossed surface.

What you have in the end are luminescent effects all over your boxes when they are placed under your trees. When you want to use the embossing technique, try it out with unusual box constructions. 

Christmas Box

Hot stamping

This involves the lamination of one of the parts of the box using a glowing foil. The end result is a glossy pattern that is original to your brand.

Begin with your logo and business name and then create an amazing festive symbol using the hot stamp method. Use hot stamp lining for text on your Christmas box packaging. 

A hashtag that is Christmas-themed for your box design

Print a Christmas hashtag on your boxes and use this as a means of attracting the online audience. This method makes it easier to publicize your business online through physical packaging. Many brands make use of this strategy.

All you need to do is gather the customers in a location and have them share what you have designed. You can even print the hashtags on stickers for more flexibility. Simply contact one of the design companies to make your customized orders.

Christmas Box

Make use of funny text

To lift the mood of your customers, which is the aim of Christmas in the first place, use funny text. This will bring a smile to their faces and they will have you to thank for that. You can make use of regular handwritten font or actually write notes and drop in the boxes. 


The importance of Christmas box designs cannot be overemphasized. In this post, we have shared several box packaging ideas you can use. Share some of yours with Zigpac in the comments section.

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