Making Ideal Cosmetic Bottle Ideas And Choices

by Amber

Your product’s packaging is one of your selling points in business. The industry has different packaging opportunities, especially if you make lotions and scrubs. Like with soap, there are several options for packaging cosmetics. They include jars and bottles. Various options for tailoring are also limitless. But in this blog post, the focus shifts on the best bottle ideas for cosmetics.

Choosing the right cosmetic jar for your business needs- what it takes

1. Size and formulation

All types of cosmetics formulation, coupled with skincare and medical products, react with different substances. Therefore, the right container for your cosmetics will play a pivotal role in the compatibility of packaging material and the formula.

If your cosmetic product is highly reactive to substances, then a glass container can be an ideal choice. You can also enjoy the benefits of storing the product in a UV coated container and away from sunlight. If the cosmetic product is thick, then a plastic jar would work fine.

Besides the nature of cosmetics, size is additionally a determining factor when choosing a sprayer. The container you will choose should be spacious to hold your cosmetics.

2. Understand your business goals clearly

Before asking a cosmetic bottle manufacturer to design a container for you, it is crucial to have a clear objective for your business. What do you aim to achieve with your type of packaging? A container stores your products. It also delivers it and represents your image. Most critically, it helps sell your product.

3. Aspire to be unique so that you stand out of the crowd

The cosmetic industry is competitive. It would be best if you were unique from the crowd. The packaging sprayer should stand out for the product’s value. It should also differentiate it from the competitors.

4. Compare different materials for packaging

The best and leading packaging materials need to impress your customers. They should also keep the cosmetics products safe. The packaging sprayer needs to be strong. It should also be durable to protect cosmetics from certain external factors, including heat and moisture. You could begin by thinking about how you’d like customers to experience the product in retail and online settings.

5. The nozzle of the sprayer

When choosing a cosmetic sprayer, the nozzle is another feature you should consider looking at. With it, you should not worry about cosmetic wasting for your consumers—besides, the application process on the face or body.

6. The dual dispensing designs

Different spray bottle manufacturers provide a variety of unique dispensing solutions, such as packages. These packages dispense two major products separately. Most of the dual designs come in airline pump dispensers. They are also pretty much appealing to skincare brands. Dual dispensing cosmetic sprayers have a way of economically dispensing cosmetics such that they can be used sparingly.

Final Thoughts

Your packaging should be within your budget. It should cost roughly about 5% of the product’s retail price. That is more like a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right sprayer for cosmetics.

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