Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Nail Polish for Nail Gel

by Amber

Don’t you just hate it when you just had a fresh manicure and your nail polish starts peeling off and falling apart in just a few hours? Such is the struggle for a busy woman who loves to have painted nails. That is until nail gel came along and change the routine of getting a manicure from once or twice a week to once a month!

The nail gel has started out as an expensive and exclusive treatment that you can only get from a salon. This is because it requires the use of UV or LED light. But now, it has been possible to DIY ongle gel treatments at the comfort of your own home thanks to portable kits.

If you love having painted nails, you should consider making the switch from acrylic nail polish to gel nail polish! Check out this list of benefits to see why nail gel is one of the most popular beauty trends and why it is so much better than regular nail polish.


Regular acrylic nail polish chips easily after it dries up. The common complaint of women is that they can not seem to make their pretty painted nails last for more than a week. With gel nail polish, the process exposes the painted nail under LED or UV light to make the polish stronger. As long as you apply your nail gel properly, it can last for 3 to 4 weeks!

Comes with nail protection

If you have weak or damaged nails, you will be glad to know that nail gel can protect your nails. By curing the polish to be chemically stronger, it turns the nail gel into a barrier that can protect your nails from pollutants and particles. Once dry, the gel is strong enough to be prone to breakage.

Faster drying time

What makes chipped nail polish hurt more is when you think of the time you spent painting your nails. You have to painstakingly apply the polish properly and then stay put and wait for a while for your nails to dry – only to chip them in just a few hours, or worse, minutes.

Nail gels do not just last longer but also they dry faster. The UV or LED light speeds up the drying process.

Easier to style

If you are into nail art, you may realize how much of a struggle it can get with ordinary nail polish. The material of the nail gel is more stable and thicker, making it easier to work with. Even if you use a thin coat, you get to capture the color well. Now you can easily experiment and try out different nail art with no problem at all.

Switching to nail gel

As you can see, nail gel polish provides a longer-lasting and more convenient way to have pretty painted nails. Chipped nail polish can be very embarrassing – after all, the state of one’s nails can tell a lot about you and your hygiene. By getting your own nail gel kit, you no longer have to spend so much money and time on manicures and pedicures!

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