Why you should buy vintage products

by Amber

When most people hear of vintage products, their mind automatically goes to items produced in the 18th and 19th century. But that shouldn’t be the case. Statistics have shown that millions of used clothing go into landfills. So, what are people to do with all these clothes?

The answer is to shop vintage. When you buy vintage or second-hand products, you reduce the pressure on the environment, save cost, and reduce the amount of used clothing in landfills. To add, you can also buy a vintage canvas backpack to gather all the clothes fashionably.

If your closet still gathers items with their tags on, consider selling them off to charity or donating to charity. In this way, you give these used clothing a second chance at life.

If you still have doubts about whether to buy vintage or second-hand products, not to worry! Here are some reasons why you must shop vintage.

Reasons why you should buy vintage products

1. They are affordable

If you’re trying to save costs, vintage/second-hand clothes are your best bet. They are very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to afford one.

Although it doesn’t hurt to buy a brand-new piece, vintage clothes can make you look chic and elegant without costing a fortune. You’ll see lots of vintage clothes in online stores like Etsy and eBay.

2. It lasts longer than expected

Vintage gets lots of bad reputation from people because they feel that they’re low-quality, cheap, and not durable. But the truth is that it lasts longer than people expect. As long as they are properly maintained and used, they’re very durable clothes.

Asides durability, vintage clothes are sustainable. Since millions of used clothing end up wasted and negatively affects the environment, the best thing to do is recycling- and you can do this by buying vintage clothes.

3. Stay above the water

What this means is that you should stay above trends. What a lot of people fail to acknowledge as the truth is that every trend in fashion comes back eventually. Every trend we are seeing now is either a reproduction or a combination of vintage designs.

If you’re trying to keep stay ahead of trends, why don’t you go for the main deal and leave reproductions? For instance, we are beginning to view trends from the 80s being remodeled and transformed for present-day looks.

You can find sports brands, ruffles, shoulder pads, and bold colors in charity shops or local vintage stores. They usually select the ones they love and burn the rest.

4. Made from high-quality fabrics

Now you may be wondering, “Why would I buy vintage clothes when I can buy great clothes from luxury stores?”

Look at it this way- for a vintage cloth to be on sale till now, it must be made from very high-quality fabric. Remember all brand-new clothes were once vintage.

5. Explore your fashion sense

Fashion is all about being the best version of yourself in a comfortable manner, and vintage clothes all you to do just that. It allows you to experiment with all sorts of styles and find your true fashion style.

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