Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect African Lace

by Amber
African Lace

African lace has become a popular craze among women in African and other parts of the world. Women are donning them in their numbers to showcase their fashion sense and styles.

However, choosing the right afrilace fabrics is not an easy task as there are low-quality ones made from substandard materials. Afrilace fabrics are the most sought after due to their high quality.

Here are a few essential factors to consider when selecting the right afrilace fabric.

Patterns and Designs

The beauty of African laces is essentially its feminine and stunning designs. The laces come in different designs and patterns, making each one of them unique. The patterns include the floral or botanical and often include adorning, wavy, paisley, geometric, and checks. Others include metallic threads to add shimmery.

Therefore, you need to find the perfect design and patterns that suit your preference. If you like simplicity, then go for the plain and simple patterns and designs. With a wide variety, you will find laces that will meet your fashion needs.

Type of Lace Fabric

Laces come in different forms, and it is up to you to choose the one that will suit your needs. If you enjoy printed patterns, then the Print fabric lace will be appropriate as the designs and patterns are engraved on the fabric. For a bridal wedding, beaded lace will be perfect as the beads can be matched with flowing jewelry accessories.

Other forms of lace fabrics you can opt for include the sequins lace, embroidered lace, and guipure George lace. What is important is that you pick the right material for the right occasion. 

If you are looking for lace fabric, then Afrilace is the leading supplier of printed material and African lace for the latest stunning designs.

Fabric Size

The size of the fabric is quite crucial when selecting an African lace fabric. Laces come in varying sizes from small, medium to large. Depending on your fashion needs, you can purchase the appropriate quantities.

If you plan to make several attires from a single afrilace fabric, you will need to go for the large-sized ones. The large pieces can be perfect for making bridal dresses or tops for both women and men. From a large-sized one, you can make skirts, trousers, jackets and even blouses.

Transparency of the Fabric

When it comes to fabric transparency, it is always a matter of personal choice and style. African laces come in two different types, the solid fabric, and the transparent fabric. The latter is commonly referred to as see-through. So, if you like transparent materials, then you will not miss it from Afrilace. You can also have a mix of both fabrics and try innovative fashion styles by combining both kinds of fabric.

Cost of the Fabric

You should also consider is the price of the fabric. High-quality African laces will attract a hefty price tag while the substandard ones will be cheap.

However, the laces will vary in prices depending on several factors such a brand and material used. Therefore, you need to go for laces that meet your budget but still are of good quality.

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