Can I Mix CBD with Nicotine? | Learn To Do It Right

by Amber
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Have you ever wondered what will happen when you mix CBD oil with nicotine? After all, people have been using nicotine and CBD compounds for thousands of years so far. Can this be the style that suits you? Here, let’s explore this common question and talk about the exciting points. 

Yes, You Can Mix CBD with Nicotine

If you have enjoyed vaping nicotine-infused e-juice, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to leverage the benefits of CBD. As you’re about to find out, the relationship between CBD and nicotine is a complicated one.

But first, doesn’t CBD have nicotine in it? No. Neither CBD E-liquid nor CBD oils have nicotine in them. Both products use CBD extracted from the legal and industrial hemp plants. However, the difference comes in the way they deliver CBD to your system. First off, CBD oil will use high-quality and natural olive oil. CBD e-liquid, on the other hand, will use the natural VG liquid, which is also found in nicotine-based e-liquid.

Yes, you can mix CBD and e-liquid, but there’s no need to. Of course, everyone has their preference, and maybe mixing CBD with nicotine suits you. In that case, it’s of utmost importance that you know exactly which products to mix. CBD oil and e-liquid are two different products, and it would be easier to find the right product for you before performing this experiment.

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So You Can Mix CBD With Nicotine, Now What?

First of all, do not combine CBD products intended for oral or sublingual consumption with e-liquids. While they may appear to be the same, they are different substances. CBD products that are made for oral intake use olive, coconut, hemp, or MCT oil as a carrying agent. Unfortunately, they don’t mix with the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG), which are found in e-liquid.

Besides, the oils are not designated for heating, whereas both VG and PG are heated to produce vapor. Moreover, only VG and PG are capable of producing that ‘throat hit’, which simulates conventional smoking. Conversely, mixing the two might damage your device, or even be potentially dangerous. After all, would you want to vape olive oil? Really?

Have You Tried Flavoured E-Liquid?

If your reason for mixing CBD with e-juice is for flavor, then you’d better try out a flavored E-liquid or terpene infused vape oil instead.


These nicotine-free CBD vape oils are a tasty punch and come in many flavors. Quality CBD oils will use the best natural ingredients besides the natural purity of the product. When you mix CBD oil with e-liquid, your e-juice might not be using the best ingredients, maybe even lower quality.

Final Thoughts

What about mixing CBD with nicotine? If you are looking to vape CBD, and you’re not really into vaping nicotine, then there will be no reason to start nicotine addiction now. Instead, go for a simplistic starter. A vape kit specifically designed for CBD, for instance, is all you need to start vaping CBD straight away.

But, if you’re still interested in getting that CBD supplementation into your nicotine, you’re better off getting a dedicated vaping set up for that.

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