Steps To Follow When Unclogging Your Bathtub Drain

by Amber

Bathtub clogging is a significant problem that most of us have experienced. Initially, the bathtub begins to drain the water slowly.

In many cases, the user convinces themselves that the issue will soon go away. But it gets worse. So on one fateful day, the user may wake up to a wholly clogged drainage system. In many cases, this is pretty much understandable, especially if the homeowner does not want to contact a plumber to fix the issue at first since it is a costly affair.

If you are one of those few individuals, you should know that there are viable solutions you can implement when it comes to unclogging your bathtub drain. If you would like to arm yourself with some methods, then spa bathtubs are here to share insight. Check out our blog to garner more knowledge on how to do it.

dirty bathtub

If you want to unclog your bathtub’s drainage system, then you can consider several options. In this blog post, we shall take you through them all. We will first look at the easiest and then delve into the most complicated technique there is on the market. In case you will not be in a position to utilize the methods we will suggest, you can call a professional to assist you.

It is crucial for you as the homeowner to take note that the techniques we shall share in this article are applicable for a variety of bathtubs. And as we mentioned in our initial series of bathtubs types, we have a couple of brands from different companies. They are such as walk-ins and freestanding tubs. Now with that said, here are the main methods of unclogging your bathtubs:  

  • Using A Drain Claw

 A drawn claw is defined as a wire that has a flexible auger. Usually, this device is used to unclog a bathtub drain because it has hooks that interlock. The structure of the drain claw is capable of grabbing elements in the drainage, thereby unclogging your bathtub. It also traps these elements and drags them from the drainage.

  • Home Remedies  

After conducting extensive research, we realized that the internet is filled with comprehensive information about home remedies that can be used in unclogging a bathtub drain. It is important to note that these remedies come in a variety of brand names that can be pretty much confusing to some of you.

 Therefore, we have listed some of the best you can use. They are the safest remedies to use. They include baking soda as well as vinegar. To achieve the best results, consider adding some salt into the concoctions. All you need to do is mix vinegar with a spoon of salt. You can add scouring powder for the mixture to be more effective in removing any stuck elements from the drainage system. This should create a relatively powerful liquid that can unclog the bathtub drainage.

  • Bio Drain Cleansers

Have you really heard of bio drain cleaners? Perhaps you have been told that you should not use any chemical drain cleaners. This statement may sound cliché. Well, it is not. When unclogging your bathtub drain, you should be careful enough to invest in efficient and high-grade chemical cleaners. These are defined as bio drain cleaners. They are made of a chemical product that is capable of crushing any form of an element that could be clogging your drainage system.



We have listed three of the best methods to use in unclogging your drainage. But in case they fail to work for you, there are always professional service providers within your reach. These individuals have extensive experience in unclogging drainage systems.

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