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by Amber
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Plastic bags (know more) can be used for a lot of things. However, if you continue to accumulate them in your home or office, they will begin to litter the environment. Hence, to avoid plastic bag pollution in your environment, you have to understand two things. Effective plastic bag use and how you can recycle plastic bags.

The truth is that is it not easy to recycle plastic bags and accumulating them can cause a lot of environmental hazards. However, there seems to be no better, convenient, and more functional packaging alternative for customers and businesses. Hence, it is safe to say that you will be seeing more of these items around.

This is why we have decided to guide you through how you can use those plastic bags littering your home or office. Here are a few ways you can creatively use plastic bags.

How You Can Use Plastic Bags

Do you know that you can get more out of your plastic bags than only using them as office trash cans or picking up the poop of your favorite pets? Here are amazing ways that you can make good use of the plastic bags in your home and avoid plastic bag pollution.

  • USE PLASTIC BAGS TO FILL IN ANY GAP: Do you have leaking pipes or other cavities on any surface in your home or office? If you do, it means you are in the right place right now. One of the ways that you can recycle plastic bags is by using them to fill in cavities around floor penetrations. You can also use them to fill in the gaps around ducts, walls, or pipes. You can do this as the first process before using caulk or spray foams to filling any void left.
  • USE PLASTIC BAGS TO PROTECT FOODS OR FRUITS: Effective plastic bag use requires that you think of creative ways you can use plastic bags in your daily activities. Hence, one of the creative ways that you can recycle plastic bags is to protect your foods or fruits. If you are reading this in late fall you can use plastic bags to protect your foods or fruits from bugs. All you need to do is tie your plastic bags around any fruit on a tree that is nearly ripe. This will help you achieve two things. The first is to keep your fruits out of bugs’ reach. The second is protecting them from any form of damage that can be caused by frost.
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  • USE PLASTIC BAGS TO APPLY CREAMS AND WAXES: This is one of the most creative ways to recycle those plastic bags that just keep staring at you every turn you take in your home. Think about it this way, everyone would prefer using gloves to apply creams or waxes on their body or property. This helps in keeping their hands from getting all messed up simply because they want to go for a wax or apply the cream on their body or property. However, if you do not have any gloves on your shelf, you can make use of plastic bags instead. All you need to do is tightly wrap the plastic bags around your hand before taking the scoop of wax or cream that you want to apply on your body or property. If you have applied the wax or cream on any of your property, you can use any clean soft and dry cloth to buff until you have a shiny finish.
  • USE PLASTIC BAGS TO TRANSPORT PLANTS THAT ARE UNPOTTED: One of the creative ways you can recycle plastic bags in other to avoid plastic bag pollution is transporting unpotted plants. At a point in life, you may have to face the fact that you do not have enough pots to house your plants or flowers. No more the number of pot you have, you may need more if you are a plant lover. This is one strategy for effective plastic bag use. Instead of giving up on your desire to house small plants or flowers, you can make use of plastic bags instead. All you need to do is fill the plastic bag with the right soil and plant your seed. Another thing you can use plastic bags for is transporting plants that are unpotted. For example, you want to move a plant from one point to another and you do not have a pot, you can use plastic bags instead. The plastic bags will keep the moisture in the bag as you take the plant to wherever you want to go.
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  • USE PLASTIC BAGS IN SEALING PAINT CANS: This is another creative way you can recycle plastic bags. One of the challenges you are likely to face is protecting your paint from the air as this will only dry the moisture content in it. Instead of losing your paint, you can implement this plastic bag use strategy. All you need to do after the painting is place a plastic bag on the paint can before covering with the lid. This will help protect your paint from the air. It will also protect it from the dry paints that may fall from the lid into the paint if you hadn’t used a plastic bag as a protective interface.
  • USE PLASTIC BAGS TO ENSURE THAT YOUR JEAN IS PROTECTED FROM DIRT: This is another plastic bag use idea. One of the challenges that come with gardening is keeping your knees clean. You can fix this by using plastic bags. This will also help protect you from plastic bag pollution. All you need to do is wear plastic bags like kneepads. To do this, simply cut a few holes in the bottom of the plastic bag.
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In conclusion, one of the best ways to protect the environment from pollution is to recycle plastic bags. This means that you have to find more creative ways to use plastic bags before they liter your home or immediate environment. Effective plastic bag use will help avoid plastic bag pollution. If you have any demand for custom personalized plastic bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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