Top ways to get the best out of your vape

by Amber

Vaping is one experience that is slowly taking over smoking. Most people that want to quit smoking opt for vaping. It seems better to use because one can easily regulate the amount of juice or substance contained in the vape.

How does the vape function?

The vape functions as a system. No one component is independent of the other. It contains three basic elements which are;

  1. The vape mod/battery source
  2. The atomizer
  3. The coil

The vaping techniques/ methods

When it comes to vapes, there are different techniques and methods and it all depends on the individual’s need at the time. It is vital to know the right vaping technique especially when one is a newbie in the world of vaping. Although, some people do not care about techniques and methods knowing the right technique will definitely augment the effect of vaping as these methods produce different effects and sensations.

The two common methods of vaping are;

  • Mouth inhale
  • Lung hit

Mouth-to-lung/ mouth inhale method of vaping

e-cig vs smoke

The mouth inhales method is similar to smoking a cigarette and is often recommended for those trying to quit smoking and beginners. It involves inhaling vapor from the vape through the mouth. It is advisable to allow the vapor linger in the mouth for a while so it slowly gets to the lungs and then exhaled through the nose. Allowing the vapor lingers for a bit helps one savor its flavor.

The Direct Lung Hit Method

This method involves sealing the vape entirely with the lips so as to prevent any vapor from going out and then inhaled directly into the lungs. It can be likened to taking a deep breath. For those that like thick clouds and lots of vapor, this method is ideal especially when you are substituting shisha.  It’s stronger and a  harsher method than the mouth-inhale method hence, it is not advisable for beginners to start vaping with this method.  

Apart from these two common methods, there are a few other appealing methods of vaping such as,

Cigarette puff

This method involves inhaling from the vape and puffing like a cigarette through the mouth. You may or may not allow the vapor to get to the lungs.

Hybrid hit

In the hybrid hit method, the vapor is not inhaled in full but rather in parts to the lungs.

French inhale

In this method, the vapor is inhaled through the nose and then exhaled through the mouth. It’s like a reverse method.

Snap inhale

The snap inhales method involves exhaling vapor for a short while and then inhaling straight to the lungs.


After all, said and done

Maximizing the full potential of your vape is all in your hands. You choose which method works for you and which satisfies your needs. Also getting the right vape is important to make sure you reap all the right rewards. The method used by an individual is oftentimes unique to them and vapes are used in ways that can be enjoyed.

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