Choosing the Right Type of Label

by Amber

When it comes to making your own label, the type of label that you want is very important. If the type of label you are getting does not work for the product or your design, then you will have a hard time conveying your message and worst, they will turn off customers so you do not get any sales at all. This is why it is important that you get to know the types of labels available. (Could see some types of labels on deepking label)

Thermal labels

Thermal labels can come in sticker forms. They have a very strong adhesive that sticks to other surfaces when it is applied with heat. You will usually find these types of labels when it comes to refrigerated goods. They are not recommended for products that are exposed to heat and just spend time on shelves.

Semi-gloss labels

This type of label uses stickers or paper that has a glossy finish. Your label will look a bit shiny when you choose this type. This type of label can handle a lot of colors and complex designs, making it a very popular choice due to its versatility.

Vellum labels

Vellum is a non-gloss type of label or sticker. It is ideal to print them for mass production. To give you a good idea about it, this type of label is usually used for barcode stickers.


Vinyl or plastic labels

This is the most versatile type of label that you can use. This is plastic-based and is considered to be a durable and tamper-resistant label. It is also recommended to go for vinyl or plastic labels if you do not want a white background for your label.

Removable plastic labels

This type of label uses removable adhesives so you can easily remove and stick them to your product. An example of this is that brand stickers on vegetables and fruits in the grocery store.

Cloth labels

As the name implies, your labels will be printed in cloth that is stitched on the product. These are usually used for clothing, bags, purses, and sometimes, shoes.

Remember, understanding how your product is used will help determine if you are using the right type of label for the job.

Get a professional artist

Your label says a lot about your product and your business. If you are not a creative, artsy person but you want something unique for your label, maybe you should consider hiring a professional to do the job. These graphic artists will just ask you a few questions about your product, what you imagine you want your label to look like, and will provide you a couple of options to choose from. It is that easy – you no longer have to worry about it yourself. Once you choose a design, you can then have them printed out on the type of label that fits your product.

Labels are just as important as packaging when it comes to marketing your product. Having the right labels can ensure you attract your target customer’s attention and generate sales. Do not just think of getting the right design. Also, get the right label type.

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