Why Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

by Amber
smoking vs vaping

For the regular marijuana smoker, it is essential to maintain health and safety both for themselves and for the people around them. Smoking tends to harm the user, both externally and internally. Smoking near a nonsmoker affects their health, too, due to the secondary smoke they inhale. It is thus highly advisable that one quits smoking as soon as possible, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case for many youths who find themselves addicted to smoking. For the smoker who desires a change in lifestyle, the best alternative is vaping. Thus, Vaping can be used as an alternative to smoking as one tries to reduce their cigarette smoking habit gradually.

Benefits of vaping

  1. Vaping is cheaper than smoking – the accrued annual costs of traditional smoking are much higher than the price of vaping. Vaping is more affordable and more top quality compared to smoking, especially with the right vaping pods.
  2. Vaping is odorless and can be done in public without annoying nonsmokers – unlike traditional smoking, which produces an offensive odor, vaping is quite efficient and clean. Combined with fruity flavors, vaping produces a pleasant scent as a byproduct.
  3. Vaping can help one stop smoking – it has been shown that vaping is a viable alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes. One can gradually cut down on their daily tobacco and nicotine intake by making the switch to vaping at various times of the day.
  4. Vaping does not leave a bad smell on the clothes – the smoke and scents produced through vaping do not leave clothes with an unpleasant smell as compared to smoking.
  5. Vaping has been legalized in most countries, which shows that many people are now considering stopping traditional cigarette smoking in preference of vaping. This will lead to a consistent decline in tobacco consumption across the industry.
  6. Unlike traditional cigarettes and joints, which you only smoke once and throw away, vaping pods can be reused over and over, creating a sustainable and economical alternative to anyone who wants to quit smoking for good.

Who is leading the fight against vaping, and why?

You may have read that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, but this is entirely untrue. Some figures and companies who do not want you to adopt vaping, which is much safer, including:

  1. Big tobacco companies do not like the competition that vaping creates as more and more people switch to more reliable and cleaner vaping, thus minimizing their profits.
  2. The pharmaceutical industry does not like the fact that as more people take up vaping, they will lose revenue they initially got from nicotine patches, gum, drugs, and inhalers. The reduced disease and illness due to vaping also affect their profits from drug sales.
  3. Governments are used to taxing vast amounts of money from tobacco companies and cigarettes. Once people quit smoking and start taking up vaping, this may lead to a backlash from government officials who enjoyed the tobacco money.
  4. Public health organizations that are covertly funded by the pharmaceutical industry have started to lose respect from the people who are realizing that vaping is safer and cleaner than smoking, contrary to what these organizations have been telling them.


Vaping is a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional marijuana and tobacco smoking. It is also cheaper. These reasons make it more preferable to many people. This is why some companies and authorities are lashing out at vaping providers due to their perceived loss of income streams as more and more people switch to vaping.

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