Top 2 Materials Used in Making Jewelry

by Amber
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There is no single girl on this planet who has never owned a necklace, whether cheap or expensive, at any point in her lifetime. The fact that you can acquire this jewelry at varying costs makes it a fashionable accessory since anyone can own one. The prices of necklaces differ depending on the material from which they are made, design, and brand. Russian necklaces are some of the most commonly sought after jewelry in the market. In this write-up, we discuss two of the most commonly used materials in jewelry manufacture.

  • Silver

Silver is one of the most commonly used types of materials in the jewelry industry. But, there are several types of silver in the market. However, the most commonly used in the manufacture of jewelry like necklaces in sterling silver. Also, most silver necklaces do not contain 100% of the material. Many are times when at least 90% of the jewel is made of silver, and the remaining percentage consists of copper. The popularity of silver in the jewelry making industry is attributed to the fact that the material is durable and long-lasting. However, because it is much softer than other metals, if not taken care of properly, silver tends to suffer damages like a color loss.

Another commonly used material is silver layered or silver-filled metal. This is a metal that is passed through heat and pressure, as silver is added to its layer. Jewelry that is made from this type of silver tends to be cheaper.

For this reason, among others, it is referred to as a knock off silver. As fake as they are, they tend to last for a long time if they are appropriately taken care of. Examples of jewelry that are made using this metal include rings, necklaces, bracelets, belt buckles, and cuff links, to name a few.

  • Gold

Like silver, gold is also a commonly used metal in the manufacture of jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and the likes. However, gold is a costly metal. Therefore, even the best of gold jewelry is usually made from a combination of gold and other metals like copper, silver, and the likes.

For this reason, the cost of products made with gold differs depending on the number of carats. A carat or karat is a unit used to measure the amount of gold in a product. Therefore, a product with high quantities of carats is more costly than the latter. The maximum amount of gold in a product usually is 24 karats. However, this amount of gold cannot be used to make jewelry because it’s ordinarily soft and malleable. The most suitable amount of gold in jewelry is 14 Karats. Gold jewelry usually is strong and very much durable.


Other types of metals used in the making of jewelry like necklaces include platinum and titanium. These two materials are, however, not as common as gold and silver because they are costlier and rare. When choosing the best type of metal for jewelry, the cost is the first factor of consideration. However, other factors include weight, strength, durability, and scratch resistance, among others.

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