Creme de la Mer facial in Edinburgh Harvey Nichols

by Amber

The sound of waves is all around, soothing and relaxing.  The ideal way to unwind and de-stress, it’s helping me drift off in a cocoon of contentment. In addition, the music is in keeping with the essence of the brand behind this treatment, luxury skincare brand, Crème de la Mer – home to some of my favourite skin care products.

The Crème de la Mer story is the stuff of true skin care legend. It was made by Dr Max Huber, who, following an accident in his laboratory, was covered in severe burns. The way he dealt with these terrible injuries was to develop a product that would help. Some 12 years afterwards, and 6000 experiments later, he honed a skincare product which we now call, Crème de la Mer. And today, the brand has been credited with giving people like Jennifer Lopez their famous A-Lister glow.

The sea features prominently in this brand, both in its ingredients and right to the heart. All the skincare products now contain the Crème de la Mer Miracle Broth, a blend of potent ingredients including sea kelp, iron and calcium: all of which work to transform the skin.

Recently Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols welcomed a new Crème de la Mer counter in the well-stocked ground floor beauty hall. It is also the first counter in the capital to have the brand’s new express treatment: a 30-minute voyage of luxury pampering. Such is its speed this facial can slot into a lunch hour before heading back to work. And no-one need be any the wiser as eye makeup and lipstick aren’t removed for this treatment either, because the focus is on the skin.

Image via Harvey Nichols

Following a skin consultation in a green-hued private treatment room, skin is cleansed. Crème de la Mer do four different types of cleansers including my all-time favourite, The Cleansing Lotion. A few months ago, all the cleansers were repackaged and reformulated to include the Miracle Broth. Step two is toning, using another of my key skincare products, The Tonic. There’s also The Oil Absorbing Tonic and The Mist, which is suitable for dry skin.

I’m always on the search for radiance and the next stage of this Express facial, The Radiant Infusion, helps me find it. One of three infusions, this particular one helps to minimise pores and to brighten the appearance of skin. Whilst that soaks in, the Eye Concentrate is applied with the cool metal applicator, sweeping around and around the orbital bone and beyond.

As I said, I’m radiance obsessed so The Radiant Serum is the perfect penultimate stage to turbo boost that glow. And the facial finishes with moisturiser – with the Moisturising Soft Cream used in my treatment, reminding me of how good it is,

As well as giving A-Lister worthy skin, the products have an A-Lister price tag, and I get that some people might not be willing or able to spend this on skincare products. But if you do have the chance to treat yourself, then try Crème de la Mer.

The Express Treatment is 30 minutes long and will next be available in Harvey Nichols 31st October – 2nd November. There is a £50 booking fee which is redeemable against any product on the day of the treatment. To book contact Edinburgh Harvey Nichols 0131 524 8388. And the fabulous team at the Tom Ford Beauty counter are offering a touch of colour post facial to those who wish it too. Pictured is the Return to Your Youth Starter kit £240.

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