The Ultimate Locket necklace guide

by Amber

Have you ever owned a locket, or known someone who did? You would understand that lockets are extraordinary pieces of jewelry, not to mention how beautiful they look. Lockets have been around for years, with style being the same all the time: a simple chain bearing a pendant that opens up, which you can put things into. This Ultimate Guide will answer all your locket questions, making you want to get one after reading.

What is the purpose of a locket necklace?

Lockets seem to have become popular in the 16th century, being an improvement on ancient amulets. Lockets were used to keep items like hair, fabric, and even poison. In the Victorian Era, they were given at funerals as a symbol of mourning. Nowadays, a locket is used to keep anything you treasure and hold dear to your heart to be remembered and looked upon at any time. These dainty pieces symbolize love and adoration.

What can go into a locket necklace?

 Lockets today can still be used to keep anything you want, from the picture of a loved one (which is the most popular) to notes that motivate or inspire you, or anything at all of sentimental value. Some people keep pictures of their pets who have died, and they miss their current furry companions. Lockets can also be engraved with a quote or unique words you can never forget; the list is endless. You can keep anything of treasure in a locket, and Ineffable allows customize lockets to your taste.

Are lockets old school?

Because lockets have been around for a long time, some people consider them outdated pieces of fashion that have no place in modern times. That is not the case. Lockets are timeless fashion pieces that can be worn the same way you wear a pendant, and they never go out of style. Plus, with the vintage rave going on now, Ineffable lockets also come with a modern twist. It would be an excellent way to add a touch of vintage to your wardrobe.

What is the difference between a locket and a pendant?

Lockets and pendants may look similar but are slightly different pieces of jewelry. While a pendant is simply a piece of jewelry with a loop that hangs down from a chain necklace, a locket can is a pendant with hinges for opening and closing to store anything of value in its space. So, essentially, lockets are a type of pendants.

Can anyone wear a locket necklace?

It is easy to think that only women can wear Mickey’s because the popular ones usually come in feminine designs. However, anyone can wear a locket. Some lockets have a masculine feel, such as the cross photo engraving stainless necklace and photo engraved stainless steel tag necklace on Ineffable. Men can still keep treasured memories close to their hearts with incredible lockets.

Final Thought

At Ineffables, you can get any locket you are searching for, sheer it a photo necklaces, engrave names, or make an antique fashion statement. The best part is that you customize your locket the way you want, keeping that memory evergreen.

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