What does one Need to Manicure on Their Own?

by Amber

A good manicure session does wonders for the hands, nails, and the mind. It helps people relax and kick back for a while. Manicures are both essential for fingernail and hands care. However, they could also be largely therapeutic. Especially when a full manicure is carried out by a professional. Manicure accessories and tools have been instrumental in the manicure process throughout the years.

It originates from French. It’s called “manucure” in that language. This meant the handling of the hands with care. So obviously, manicure practices have been in existence for as long as grooming and fashion.

Categories of Manicure

Since there is a general understanding of what manicure practices entail, attention will be turned to types. What are the different types of manicures? What makes each type distinctly different from the next?

French Manicure: The very first type of manicure to be discussed will be the French Manicure. This type has been in recorded practice since the mid-1970s. There is a pretty intriguing story behind its invention. So apparently, a movie director at the time had a special demand. He wanted a nail look that would go across various clothes and roles without being repeatedly changed.

This is where Pink stepped in. she decided to go with the white-tipped color French manicure is so popular for. White nail tips with pink or rose for the rest. But that was the inception. French manicure has now been revolutionized. The use of artificial base colors has been done away with.

But various new methods have been invented for achieving the French manicure effect. Painting the underside of the nail with a white pencil is one of them. Then some people prefer to fix certain portions of the nail to achieve the same color effect.

Dip Powder Manicure: The second type of manicure to be considered is the dip powder manicure. This technique is used in place of gel polishing and acrylic nails. They are relatively common because they are easy to apply.

They are uncannily similar to fiberglass enhancements. They both layer over the natural nail, a cyanoacrylate film, and use suitable encasings. The major difference being that acrylic powder is used in place of the fiber for dip powder manicures.

Hot Oil Manicure: This method cleaning and softening the cuticle using suitable material oils. Some lotions as well as olive oil, passed through the electric heater are all viable options.

Manicure Accessories and Tools

They are quite many in these categories. But we will only mention a few. Odds are the readers might even know more than are listed.

  1. Nail clippers
  2. Nail brushes
  3. UV Ice Lamp or nail dryer (for drying gel nail polish)
  4. Electric nail drill
  5. Nail polish
  6. Nail file
  7. Nail buffers
  8. Manicure table
  9. Finger bath
  10. Cuticle pusher and many more.


Get quality sets of different manicure accessories and tools from online stores today. Decent manicure, from the comfort of home. It might just be the situation that will change your life and hands for good.

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